Our May sale begins 9am Friday 10th May 2024
Our May sale begins 9am Friday 10th May 2024
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About Indies Down Under

Indies Down Under is a collaboration between several Australian Indie Nail Polish makers and other small businesses. Every two months, our makers will each make an exclusive nail polish colour or nail art/nail care item based on a theme, and these exclusive products will be on sale for one week only. 

Our first collaboration launched on Friday 12th March 2021 with the theme of 'Australiana' - very fitting for the first of our Aussie collaborations! Other themes over the past 2 years have been Gemstones, Birds, Plants and Flowers, Aussie Films, Star Signs, and Cocktails. Themes will usually be and voted on by members of our Indies Down Under Facebook Group.

For March 2024, our theme is ‘Space’. Our selection of themed nail polishes will be available on the second Friday of the month.


Our March 2024 sale event will include the following brands:

Emily de Molly  - Emily de Molly website

Gallivanting Nails - Gallivanting Nails website

Grace-full Nail Polish - Grace-full Nail Polish website

Lilypad Lacquer

Paint It By Dippit - Paint It By Dippit's website

Shades of Phoenix - Shades of Phoenix website

Three Hearts Polish - Three Hearts Polish website

What Is Indie Nail Polish?

Indie Nail Polish is nail polish that is mixed, poured and bottled by hand, by artisans who are also independent small business owners. Indie Nail Polish tends to have a wider variety of finishes and colours than large multi-national brands, and Indie Polish brands are regularly coming out with fun collections featuring catchy shade names, inspired by pop culture or whatever takes the maker's fancy.

Most indie nail polish is mixed in very small batches, and the brands involved in Indies Down Under pride themselves on being cruelty free, and free of many of the dangerous chemicals that are often found in nail polish, such as Formaldehyde, Toluene, TSF Resin and Camphor.

The Indie nail polish community is surprisingly wide and varied. You will find us a friendly and supportive bunch, interacting with and cheering each other on, most often via social media. The Indie Polish community in Australia has a rich history, and we are lucky to have so many well known and established brands taking part in Indies Down Under, alongside some newer brands.

Not Just Nail Polish

Nail polish is not the only product we have available! Each brand is invited to also create another product along the same theme each month, whether it be a cuticle oil, hand cream, soap, skincare or other item. As long as it fits the theme somehow it's welcome! 

Made By Hand

When you order from Indies Down Under, your products are listed as 'Pre-Order'. This means that when the sale closes after the week is over, we report back to the makers and let them know how many items they have sold, and they will get to work making the products for you. They will then ship to Indies Down Under, where we will collate your orders and ship them to you.

Upcoming Sale Dates

Our 2024 sales dates are as follows:

Friday 8th March - Thursday 14th March

Friday 10th May - Thursday 16th May

Friday 12th July - Thursday 18th July

Friday 13th September - Thursday 29th September

Friday 8th November - Thursday 14th November